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Our Red Wines

At our winery, we make unique wines with unique flavors , each one is made with great care a strong attention to detail, all our wines are made with a lot of TLC.



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Red Buggy

Made with the Marquette Grape (a cold hardy grape)

A medium bodied wine with hints of Black cherry, currant, and green olive.

This wine loves lamb;also goes well with beef pasta dishes and dark chocolate

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 Dry Red Wine

  .05 residual sugar 9%


Sacket’s Red

Made with the Concord grape a robust and aromatic grape this semi-dry Concord wine is considered a nice pair with beef, pasta and Mexican cuisine or salty cheese, salads, and light meals. The semi-dry may be served at room temperature or slightly chilled

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Semi-Dry Red Wine

                                                                                                                           2% residual sugar   9% Alc. by. vol.

Call for availability 14.99

  Passion Red
Made with the Concord grape.
A smooth Full body and Sweet wine.
Goes great with anytime you are in the mood for a sweet wine.

Sweet Red

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9% sugar  9% vol



Call for availability 15.99

BlueBerry Hill

Made with real Blueberry,

A dessert wine with a fruity taste.

If you love Blueberries you'll love our Blueberry wine.

Goes Great with Pizza

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6% residual sugar 9% alcohol



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