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At our company, we carry unique products from local designers at affordable prices. We promise you will be pleased with the high quality of our items, each one is made with great care and a strong attention to detail.

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King of the North
16.99 USD

750ml Dry White Wine (Riesling)


King of the North

A German style wine made from the Geisenheim grape.

A cross between the Riesling ​and Chancellor Grapes. If you like a drier Riesling you will love the King of the North.

While refreshing on its own. However chicken, pork, seafood and risottos bring out its more subtle notes

It’s also a great cooking wine

Dry White Wine

.05% residual sugar 9% Alc. by. vol.

Blue Stone
18.99 USD

750ml Dry White Wine


Blue Stone

A crisp refreshing wine, with a grapefruit overtone.

Made with the Diamond grape

A nice soft and fruity wine with just enough sweetness to make it drink well with just about any dish.

It’s just like eating the grape right off the vine.

Dry White Wine

.05% residual sugar 9% Alc. by. vol.


Eventide Delight

Made from the Steuben grape.

Which produces a pink tinged spicy wine full of flavor with hints of cranberry and honey.

Perfect match with Muenster cheese and can be served with smoked meats, Chinese food, turkey, ham and game meats

If you like sweeter Riesling you will love Eventide Delight.

Semi-Sweet White Wine

3% residual sugar 9% Alc. by. vol

19.99 USD

750ml Semi-Sweet White Wine



Made With the Frontenac Gris grape, A cold Hardy Grape(grey in color) Which Produces an Amber colored Juice. A Whiter version of the Frontenac. This wine presents aromas of peach and apricot with hints of citrus and tropical fruit. Unique and complex flavors make this an excellent table and dessert wine.

Semi-Sweet White Wine

3% reasidual sugar; 9% alc.by.vol




Made with the Diamond grape,

A cross between a Concord and Iona grape.

A sweet wine that produces a pineapple and Tropical fruit flavors.

Serve with fruit, poultry or seafood

Sweet White Wine

9% residual sugar 9% Alc. by. vol.



Made with the Vidal grape

Floral and fruity aromas are characteristic of all Vidal wines, and in sweet wines the grape shows caramel, butterscotch and sweet-apricot flavors.

Serve with Crêpes and caramel cream for a real taste of Perfection

Sweet White Wine

 27% residual sugar 9% Alc. by. vol



Marie’s Selection

 Made with the Delaware grape,

Also known as the “foxy grape”

Sweet, but sprightly and pleasant and a whole lot of foxiness.

Add a little club soda to give it a little sparkle Serve with, poultry or seafood

             Semi-Sweet White Wine 

                   3% residual sugar 9% Alc. by. vol



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